When Sonam Kapoor told such thing for Aishwarya’s daughter Aaradhya, then mother Ash …

Sonam Kapoor often makes headlines with her activity. Recently she has been in the limelight for the shooting of her blind film. Apart from the film, Sonam Kapoor made a lot of headlines by sharing a very bold picture on the first day of the year.

When Sonam Kapoor told such thing for Aishwarya's daughter Aaradhya, then mother Ash ...

She shared a photo of Liplapp with her first husband Anand Ahuja of 2021. Which became very viral in social media. During this time, a story related to Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai was also in the news. When Sonam Kapoor said such a thing for Aishwarya’s daughter. Which made mother Aishwarya proud.

Actually things are quite old. This dates back to the days when Aishwarya arrived with her daughter Aaradhya to attend the Cannes Film Festival. On reaching France, Aishwarya shared a picture with her daughter on social media. A lot of people gave their reactions in this picture. When the picture of Aishwarya and Aaradhya fell on social media in the eyes of Sonam Kapoor, she too could not stop herself from giving her reaction in it.

Aishwarya was very proud of the reaction Sonam gave. Posting the picture, Aishwarya wrote in the caption, ‘My Angel, My Love. So Sonam commented that she has behaved very well, she is very cute. Sonam’s comment was well received by many.

Tell that when Aishwarya Rai went to walk on the red carpet of the film Festil last night, all eyes were on Aishwarya. People were mesmerized by their beauty. A video of which went viral on social media.

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