Happy Birthday Randheer Kapoor: When Randhir made a distance from his wife for not making Karishma and Kareena an actress, then…

Today is Randheer Kapoor’s birthday. He was born on 15 February 1947 as the son of Raj Kapoor. Randheer Kapoor started his film Saffar Child Artist from the film Shree 420. Randhir Kapoor’s love story is quite filmy. He married Babita. They had two daughters from this marriage. Kareena Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor. It is said that Randhir Kapoor did not want his daughters to become actresses. But his wife Babita wanted to make daughters an actress. Due to which Babita made distances from Randhir.

Randhir Kapoor made his debut as a lead actor in films. He did many films in his career. Randhir’s first film was Kal Aaj Aur Kal. Randhir’s opposite Babita was seen in this film. This film sparked love between the two and then the matter reached marriage. But they had to struggle a lot for this marriage. The reason was that while Randhir Kapoor belonged to a Punjabi family, Babita belonged to the Sindhi family. In such a situation, both of their families were not ready for this marriage. It was also said that it was considered a crime in the Kapoor family to marry an actress at that time.

When Randhir mentioned his marriage to Babita to his father, he flatly refused. Despite this, Randhir was not ready to leave Babita. Randhir’s father said that he could make Babita a heroine in his film, but not Bahu. But it is said that Randhir Kapoor’s father Raj Kapoor agreed to marry on one condition. The condition was that he would have to quit working in films. Later, Randhir and Babita were married with great pomp.

Many legendary stars attended this wedding. Karishma and Kareena were born after a few years of marriage. According to the news, Randhir Kapoor did not want his daughters to become actresses, but Babita wanted them to become actresses. Because of this, she was separated from her husband. She lived nearly 19 years apart from her husband Randhir to support the daughters’ careers. In 2007, Randhir and Babita reunited. Randhir gave a lot of superhit films in his career. Which includes many films like Hamrahi, Lafange, Ponga Pandit.

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