When Rajesh Khanna was caught in the fountain of success and failure, he said that my films can be… ..

Mumbai: Who cannot be said to have taken the time of bad times. Rajesh Khanna, a well-known film actor of the 1970s, was forced to spend one such time. Rajesh Khanna did not know how to compromise his habits in any way. That is when his films were continuously blossoming during his bad times.

The director used to be angry. But even at that time she was not much interested in changing herself. Even at that time, he once said that movies can be blown up. This shows the kind of person he was. Everyone experiences both success and failure in life. The same thing happened with Rajesh Khanna when a period came when Rajesh Khanna was caught in the fountain of success and failure. After that, he had to ask people to find work in serial too.

It even goes so far as to say that there was a time when people used to look like in Rajesh Khanna’s film Talkies. There used to be a line of people who took tickets. In city talkies like Mumbai, tickets were sold in black. Many times, the operators of talkies also had to arrange for the police.

When film actor Rajesh Khanna became a star, artistes like Amitabh Bachchan were doing Struggle. But it is said that stars are not mortgaged. There came a time when Rajesh Khanna’s stars went towards Girdish. At the same time, Amitabh Bachchan collected his name in the film world by giving him one super hit film.

It is said that Rajesh Khanna was reduced to getting films during that period. He started spending his time in his psyche. It is said that Rajesh Khanna was addicted to drinking. Due to which he used to arrive late on the set of Suiting. In such a situation, the directors were also angry, but in view of their earlier abilities, no one said anything.

Yasir Usman, author of the book The Untold Story of India’s First Superstar, has written all this for Rajesh Khanna in his book. He also jiggled another important point in which it was said that Rajesh Khanna did not like his criticism. In such a situation, he was caught in the clutches of smoothies. And with them, drinking alcohol till late night became a habit of Rajesh Khanna. This affected their routine.

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