When Kareena Kapoor told Bipasha Basu that ‘black cat’ was slapped, then something like this happened…

Mumbai: Kareena Kapoor Khan is known as Bollywood’s famous actress. Although Kareena is now the daughter-in-law of the Pataudi clan, but Kareena’s career has also been full of controversies. At this time of the Corona period, today we are going to tell you some unheard stories about Kareena, in which Kareena openly called Bipasha Basu a ‘black cat’. Even slapped.

Yes, what we are telling you is right. According to media reports, in 2001, Bipasha and Kareena Kapoor worked together in the film ‘Ajnabee’. The film was released and this film was also very much liked by the viewers.

According to the information, everything was going well. But there was a dispute between the two about something. The controversy grew so much that Kareena even killed Bipasha in anger. According to reports, Kareena’s personal designer made Kareena Bipasha work and also helped her. Which provoked Kareena and started calling Bipasha very bad.

Meanwhile, Kareena could not control herself and called Bipasha a black cat and slapped her with a sharp slap. The same Bipasha said in the interview that all this is completely wrong. The smallest thing has been exaggerated. The same Kareena also said in the interview that yes we had a fight but not too much had increased. I had no problem with Bipasha. However, the Rewa Riyasat news portal does not confirm this news.

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