When Kareena Kapoor said that she will never marry a married actor, then why did she marry Saif? Read ..

Mumbai: Bollywood’s famous actress Kareena Kapoor is also known as Bebo. Even though Kareena Kapoor has gone away in the Khan family, her fan following is still very much. Along with the Kareena Kapoor Khan family, Kapoor is also the pride of the family. Kapur, daughter of Kapoor family, once said openly that she will never marry a married actor but you will get an answer today as to why Kareena married Saif.

Kareena Kapoor struggled a lot in Bollywood in the initial days. Even many of his films had no effect in Bollywood. Despite this, Kareena did not give up and defeated the big actress with her acting. Today, even though Kareena has become the wife of Saif Ali Khan, even after marriage, she is getting offers from big films.

Kareena Kapoor was to become an actress in Bollywood since childhood. Where his dream was also fulfilled very quickly. Kareena told during an interview that she had to become an actress, she also studied advocacy, but after a year of study, when she did not mind, she stepped into the world of acting and today Kareena’s name is one of the famous actresses. .

Kareena Kapoor is pregnant recently. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena’s first son is named Taimur Ali Khan, after naming the second child, Kareena said that when he is born, then he will be named. Kareena recalled the controversy over Timur’s birth, saying that she had to face heavy opposition over the naming of Timur, which she no longer wants to repeat.

Before dating Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor’s name was first associated with Shahid Kapoor. The same Shahid had openly accused Kareena that she had left me for money. The same Kareena denied Shahid’s accusation and said that yes it is right that both of us were dating each other but the money was wrong. Kareena’s name was also associated with Hrithik after Shahid. Although both have never officially given any tweet.

The same Kareena had also said that she has hated the relationship and she will never marry a married man. Meanwhile, Kareena married Saif Ali Khan. After which people shared their statement and started asking questions, Kareena replied that she definitely said that but Saif had the complete quality that a woman needs.

Kareena had said about Saif’s X wife Amrita, such a thing was stirred, said – I am not Sara and Ibrahim’s mother….

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