When Dream Girl Hema Malini did the satire, poet Kumar Vishwas gave a befitting reply, saying… ..

Poet Kumar Vishwas, distressed by a satire of Hema Malini, gave a befitting reply to him through his poem. While joining the debate of this tweet, Sunny Deol also shared his views and told Hema and Kumar to stay away from the case.
Something happened that Dream Girl Hema Malini, MP from BJP, tweeted a statement regarding the farmers’ movement.

When Dream Girl Hema Malini did the satire, poet Kumar Vishwas gave a befitting reply, said .....

When Dream Girl Hema Malini said that most of the farmers who are agitating, do not know on what issue they have problems with the bill. At the behest of the people, he came to agitate. Hema Malini says some people were shocked. Retweeting on this tweet by Dream Girl Hema Malini, poet Kumar Vishwas said in his shy style that ‘His appeal is that we help him, see the request of knife ribs…!’.

Even after the rain, the farmers sat on the dharna. Nobody has any sympathy on this. But even at that time Kumar Vishwas satirized the government. O Indraprastha lord, O Indradev! You know that it is very painful for farmers. When will a little compassion awaken in the senses who waste water on the sweat of the Bhumiputras?

On the same Hema Malini’s tweet and on Kumar Vishwas’s retweet, the film actor and Hema’s step-son Sunny Deol, who is also a BJP MP, said that the issue is between the farmers and the government, both of them should settle the matter by mutual discussion.

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