In the episode of Bigg Boss’s latest weekend, Salman Khan reprimanded the housemates. Salman in particular harassed Vikas Gupta and Rakhi Sawant and lashed out at Ali Gony and Jasmine Bhasin for fighting them. Not only this, Salman also scolded Rubina Dilak for showing her finger to Arshi Khan. VJ Andy has criticized Salman Khan for this behavior.

VJ Andy accused Salman

VJ Andy said in his show that Salman Khan is defending people who came to the house as challengers instead of the main contestants. He is delivering the verdict in a biased manner. VJ Andy said that if Jasmine had poked Rakhi Sawant for surgery, Rakhi had also poked her about Jasmine’s surgery, but Salman defended Rakhi here and described her as the most entertaining contestant in the house.

Challengers are supporting

Bigg Boss 14: VJ Andy accuses Salman Khan of taunting, supporting Challengers

VJ Andy further said that Salman reprimanded Jasmine Bhasin. Along with this, he also taunted Salman’s side with Ali Goni’s fight with Vikas Gupta. He said that Vikas was asking for his ration differently. They are given less food. But this happens to all the people in the house. His stomach is no bigger than Abhinav and Ali. But Salman favored Vikas Gupta and reprimanded Ali.

Rubina gets reprimanded

Bigg Boss 14: VJ Andy accuses Salman Khan of taunting, supporting Challengers

Apart from this, VJ Andy also spoke on the issue of reprimanding Rubina Dilaik. He said that it is forbidden to smile… it is not forbidden for a wife to take a stand. It is wrong to say nothing, is it right to scold someone on weekends without reason? In fact, Salman reprimanded Rubina for showing Arshi a finger and laughing unintentionally during the weekend war.

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