The famous singer Sona Mahapatra is mostly dominated on social media for her impeccable statements and mouth-breaking responses. These days once again, she has come in a lot of discussion about some of her tweets. Sona Mahapatra, sharing herself about her college days on social media, talked about sexual misconduct and told the truth. Sona Mahapatra has recently tweeted something, in which he told, what difficulties he had to face during college and what kind of incident happened to him during his college days.

Seniors used to play seats and used to guess bra size

Sona Mahapatra wrote about the college days by tweeting,

“When I was doing B.Tech engineering, whenever I used to go towards the microprocessor lab, everybody used to comment. One day when I was going to the lab, I was wearing a khadi green kurta and salwar. At the same time, all the seniors there were playing whistles and shouting loudly and commenting on my bralet size.

Used to have sexual misconduct in college with Sona Mahapatra, asked me to cover B *** S

Meanwhile, Sona has tried her best to tell the truth about her clothes by giving a description. He said that, I was not wearing any revealing clothes, yet I used to hear this sexual comment ”.

It was advised to wear the scarf properly

Sona Mahapatra is a very flawless woman. Sona wrote in her tweet that, “When I was being treated like this, at the same time a well-wisher came to me and he told me that, why didn’t I wear the scarf properly, and put my umbrellas full Why not cover it up like that ”.

Used to have sexual misconduct in college with Sona Mahapatra, asked me to cover B *** S

Allegations have been made during Me to Movement

Sona Mahapatra has also been accused many times in Bollywood about sexual harassment. During the Me to Movement in Bollywood, Sona had made many shocking allegations on music director Anu Malik and singer Kailash Kher. This is not the first time that Sona has accused Anu Malik and Kailash Kher, but before that many other people have also accused Anu Malik and Kailash Kher. Sona has to troll a lot about her rhetoric. Sona had to face trolls during the Me Too movement.

Photos were shared in bikini

Used to have sexual misconduct in college with Sona Mahapatra, asked me to cover B *** S

Sona Mahapatra remains very active on social media. Sona keeps sharing her photos on Instagram. Recently, she also shared pictures in bikini, on which trolls targeted her. She also tweets openly on issues related to women on a daily basis.

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