Sana Khan, who embraced the spiritual path of Islam by saying goodbye to Bollywood, surprised everyone by giving news of her marriage last month. Sana has changed her name to Sana Syed and Sana is also now wearing a burqa. Sana has remained the center of discussion on social media since the marriage with Mufti Anas.

Mismatch couple

Sana and Mufti are describing Anas pair as fans mismatch. Whatever photo Sana or Anas are posting, they are being trolled. Now finally Mufti Anas has given a befitting reply to the trollers.

Sana commented

Anas shared a picture of her during her honeymoon on Instagram. In the caption, Anas wrote in a caption, trolling the trollers saying, ‘Look at someone’s crime or evil, put a veil on your eyes, pray for their Islam . Cover the sins of the people in the world so that Allah will cast you on your sins in the Apocalypse, Amen. Sana wrote in a comment on this post of Anas – of course.

Trolls caused by Anas Looks

Trollers again called the pair of Sana Khan and Maulana Anas, mismatch, Maulna replied

Sana’s husband Anas is trolled because of his looks. People do not like the pair of Sana and Anas. Sana got married with Anas on November 21 and both had recently gone to Kashmir to celebrate their honeymoon. The couple was introduced by contestants Ejaz Khan of Bigg Boss season 4. After the love of Mufti Anas and love was born, Sana and her religion grew more attached.

Sana started wearing burqa

Sana khan

At one time, Sana Khan was counted among Bollywood’s hot actresses. She has performed item dances and hot scenes in many films but now Sana has transformed herself. Sana has started wearing the burqa completely away from the glamor world and has converted to Islam.

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