This actress said that my undergarment washes Ashmit Patel, brother of Amisha Patel, pornographic MMS spread all over the country…

Mumbai. In Bollywood, the harder it is for the actor to go up in a short time, the less it is easy to come down. Today we are talking about the famous actor Amisha Patel’s brother and Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel, who has always been surrounded by controversies. In Bollywood, Ashmit rarely gave hit films, but he was always in the news about the controversy.

According to media reports, Ashmit was born in Delhi, after which Ashmit has been short on films but always in dispute about personal life. Ashmit started his career with the film ‘Inteha’, after which this film is not special, but he has remained in the media headlines for his role in the 2004 superhit film ‘Murder’.

In the season 4 of Bigg Boss, the name of Ashmit and Pakistani actress Veena Malik was becoming increasingly involved. Both were dating each other till the arrival of media. Meanwhile, the discussion of both love and romance grew rapidly. During an interview, Veena revealed that during the Bigg Boss season, Ashmit Patel washes his undergarment. Even all my clothes used to wash.

Veena further said that he never loved Ashmit, he was behind me after washing my hands. After which I got rid of them. Veena further said that till today I had not seen such a sticky person. There was a stir after Veena said like this and there was uproar in Big Boss’s house.

Let me tell you that in the house of Bigg Boss, the name of both of them used to be the most out of the most vulgar. Kissing and massaging Ashmit and Veena, the video went viral many times. Veena and Ashmit used to sleep in the same blankets, even many useless videos went viral.

His controversy about Bigg Boss was not reduced by a viral video that disgraced Ashmit and after that his career was destroyed. This video, which was viral between Asmit and actress Riya Sen, was seen by almost the whole country. In this video of 90 seconds, both of them were doing vulgar actions and were seen making relationships. However, both of them called this video as fake and said that it is being tried to discredit them.

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