Let us tell you whether the era is 80’s or 90’s or today, there are unique examples of love in Bollywood. Let us tell you that the real life love stores of many stars are famous. But there are some love stories, in which only love is given thanks and everything else is forgotten.

Today we will talk about those actresses who loved a man who was not only already married but was also the father of many children. Some married a father of two children, some a father of 4 children. See who are included in this list

Hema Malini

The dream of marrying Bollywood’s famous Hema Malini in 1980 was also seen by virginal actors like Sanjeev Kumar and Jitendra. But Hema’s heart stole by Dharmendra, the married and father of four children. By the time Hema and Dharmendra’s love story started, Dharmendra’s children had grown up.


These Bollywood actresses proved that love is blind, someone married 2 and father of 4 children

Sridevi got the tag of ‘home breaker’ in her life. Boney Kapoor divorced his first wife Mona Kapoor and married Sridevi. Boney Kapoor was not only married then but also the father of two children, Arjun and Anshula Kapoor’s father.

Boney had to face the anger of his family too because of marrying Sridevi. At the same time, Sridevi also heard the taunts of the people. But in front of his love, he had forgotten everything.

Shabana Azmi

These Bollywood actresses proved that love is blind, someone married 2 and father of 4 children

Shabana Azmi’s name is also included in this list. Javed Akhtar was married to Honey Irani when he fell in love with Shabana Azmi. And had also become the father of two children Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar. Shabana’s father Kaifi Azmi was also against this relationship. But Shabana and Javed also got married, proving their love. Shabana Azmi also does not have children of her own. Farhan and Zoya respect her like a real mother.

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