Comedian Munawwar Farooqui and four other people who have made objectionable remarks on Hindu deities and Amit Shah have been booked on the last day. Eklavya Singh Gaur had lodged a complaint about this. Let us tell you that these five have been arrested after the case is registered. The arrest has been criticized by film actress and philanthropist Swara Bhaskar, following which Swara Bhaskar is being trolled by the people. Swara mostly tweets and people like his tweets less.

Swara’s tweet

In a tweet about this, Swara Bhaskar wrote tauntingly that, “Come on … the alleged contractors of Hindus will be as gullible and stupid this year as they have been for many decades.”

People reprimanded him for this tweet by Swara Bhaskar. On this tweet of Swara, a user wrote that, “Those who are calling us alleged contractors of Hindus today, because we have made legal action against those who insult our religion, if those people have courage then once upon Islam Show it by making fun, then it will not be legal to get the punishment, whose punishment is just and only death from Charlie Hebdo, Kamlesh Tiwari. ”

Users trolled

Swara Bhaskar took the side of Munawar for making vulgar remarks on the Gods and Goddesses, a fierce troll

Another user wrote that, “Insult to any religion is wrong. Some such videos are going viral, in which Munnavar has made dirty comments about Lord Ram in the name of comedy. Many people take out their anger by insulting religion. Swara Bhaskar do not support such people. “


Apart from this, another user wrote that, “Do comedy on your prophets, if there is such an itch, then comedy is Swara Bhaskar.” Talking about Munawwar’s arrest, he had put up a comedy show at Cafe 56 Shop Area in Indore.

On this, Eklavya Singh said that he had gone to see the show with his friends. There the comedian made vulgar remarks on Amit Shah and the gods and goddesses. Due to this, there was also a dispute. After this, after the complaint of Eklavya Singh, the police took action.

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