Dharmendra’s son Sunny Deol is a Bollywood superstar. Sunny’s career in Bollywood was very long and successful too, tell that Sunny’s name has been associated with many actresses in the film career of 40 years and connect with some in the media about Serious Affairs. Even after that, Sunny’s wife Pooja never left them. Jan has joined the names of which actresses Sunny.

When Sunny came to Bollywood, her first movie was desperate. It was Amrita Singh actress. Discussions of Sunny and Amrita’s affairs were blown up. According to the media, Sunny Deol had hidden her married life with Amrita Singh.

When Amrita Singh’s name was revealed, then after her Sunny’s name was associated with Dimple Kapadia. At that time, media reported that Dimple had separated from her husband Rajesh Khanna, due to which she was considered to have an affair with Sunny Deol.

There are many reports that Dimple Kapadia’s daughters, Twinkle and Rinke, were called Sunny Deol by calling them little fathers.

Sunny had appeared in many of his films with Raveena Tandon in the 90s, at that time it was also said that Sunny Deol and Raveena Tandon are in a relationship.

According to media, Sunny Deol and Akshay Kumar Ravina Tandon was the reason behind the rift that broke out in the relationship.

Sunny Deol's name was associated with these actress from Dimple Kapadia to Amrita Singh, wife Pooja did not leave her company

Even after listening to Sunny’s affairs, his wife never got angry or left him. When Sunny Deol’s name is associated with Dimple, it is said that his wife Pooja had clearly told Sunny Deol that she should either stay with Dimple or with him.

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