Sunny Deol, who has worked in many films in Bollywood, is now trying his hand in politics. Sunny Deol is a BJP MP from Gurudas Pur in Punjab. Sunny Deol also remains on social media. Their properties are often discussed. You will be surprised to know that Sunny Deol is immersed in crores of rupees. Sunny’s family lives in a flat worth only Rs 2.5 crore. Let us tell how much wealth they have.

When the Lok Sabha elections were going on, Sunny Deol gave details of his assets to the Election Commission. According to him, Sunny Deol and his wife have a debt of about 53 crores. What’s more, Sunny owes GST Rs 1 crore.

Sunny Deol has been working in Bollywood for a long time. Sunny has worked in romantic to action and comedy movies. In terms of wealth, stepmother is far behind Hema Malini and father Dharmendra. According to information, Sunny has assets worth Rs 83 crore.

According to Sunny, movable and immovable assets have movable assets of Rs 60 crore and immovable assets of Rs 21 crore.

Sunny Deol is in crores of debt, family lives in only 2.5 crore flat, how much property is there

Explain that there is Rs 9 lakh and Rs 26 lakh cash in Sunny’s bank account. At the same time, Sunny Deol’s wife Pooja has assets worth 6 crores. There are 19 lakh in the bank and 16 lakh in cash.

You would hardly know that Sunny and his wife Pooja Bank are said to have a debt of about Rs 51 crore. At the same time, they have a GST of Rs 1 crore 7 lakh.

At the time of the election, Sunny told the Election Commission that she had 1.69 crore cars and Rs 1.56 crore in jewelery.

Sunny Deol is in crores of debt, family lives in only 2.5 crore flat, how much property is there

Talking about land, Sunny has land worth Rs 21 crore. Which includes agriculture and non-agriculture and a flat in Mumbai. Sunny Deol’s stepmother Hema Malini has many more assets than Sunny Deol. Hema Malini traded her assets in the 2019 election. According to him, Hema Malini has assets worth Rs 249 crore. Out of 249 crore, Hema has assets worth Rs 114 crore and Dharmendra has assets worth Rs 135 crore. Tell that in 5 years, the property of Hema Malini has also increased by Rs 72 crore.

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