Actor Sunil Shetty started his career in Bollywood with the film ‘Balwan’ in the year 1992. He hit the jackpot as soon as the first film hit. At that time, very few people knew that Sunil Shetty was married and that he had to work hard to get into films, to marry his girlfriend.

Sunil Shetty’s love at first sight. Sunil saw his wife Mana for the first time in a pastry shop and at the same time he became her crazy. Sunil had a lot of papad in persuading Mana and then taking his love to the end of marriage. So let us tell you some interesting things about this couple’s love story today.

This is how the story of love started

Sunil Shetty was born on 11 August 1961 in Malki, Mangalore (Karnataka). Sunil is a South Indian, while his wife is from a Muslim family in Gujarat. However, Maana was half Muslim and half Punjabi. Her real name was Monisha Qadri. Sunil Shetty once went to a pastry shop and there, Mana had come to pick something up. Sunil became obsessed with seeing Mana at first sight. To convince him when Mana did not give him a lift, he befriended Mana’s younger sister and started trying to reach Mana through his common friend. After this, many meetings of Sunil and Mana were conducted by the sister. The actor had realized that he was the only girl with whom he could spend his life. His sister and common friend helped a lot to convince Mana. Sunil once made a plan to meet and talk to Mana. He held a party at the house of his common friend and also invited Mana in it. There, Mana got a chance to understand Sunil openly and after the party both went out on a bike ride and while there Sunil expressed his love to Mana. Mana also said yes.

Tried to celebrate the house for 9 years

Sunil Shetty waited for this girl for 9 years because of this

Mana and Sunil Shetty belonged to different religions, so it was certain that they would come to a hitch in their marriage. The families of both of them felt that their marriage would not last long because of different religions. But the couple remained adamant and both took 9 years to celebrate their families. 9 years later, in 1991, the family of the two approved for marriage, when Sunil and Mana got married. After this, Sunil entered Bollywood and established his identity as an action hero from the very first film. In this sense, he considers Mana to be a lucky James for himself.

Sunil gave a perfect answer

Sunil Shetty waited for this girl for 9 years because of this

Once a question was asked to Sunil Shetty that even after getting married, his name was associated with many actresses, did he ever have an attachment to anyone? In response to this question, Sunil had said, ‘Whenever this happens to me, I ask myself whether it is worth a few moments of attrition to put everything at stake?’ Obviously, the answer is ‘no’.

Sunil Shetty waited for this girl for 9 years because of this
Mana Shetty had also emphasized in an interview that, ‘Couple should not let communication gap with each other. Relationships go on where communication happens. Couples should share all things with each other and they should also be a patient listener. One should avoid judging each other. It is very important for a long relationship. ‘

29 years of marriage

Sunil Shetty waited for this girl for 9 years because of this

Sunil Shetty and his wife Mana Shetty have been married for 29 years and the couple still has the same love and charm. Couple also has two children and her daughter Aathiya has also appeared in films. Even though Sunil Shetty had to work hard to get his love, he has truly searched for himself.

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