The biggest comedy show of India Kapil Sharma The show is now closed. The fans who watched the comedy got a big shock as the show stopped, the news was that the Kapil Sharma show is going to close soon. The show suddenly closed on 31 January

Comedy King Sunil Grover will return

It is a big news for the fans that both comedy kings will be seen together. The chemistry of both the fans is very much liked and the rating of the show also goes as if the seventh sky goes. When Sunil Grover was playing the role of Guththi in The Kapil Sharma, then the name of the show Kapil Sharma was on everyone’s tongue. Comedy was a comedy in every household in prime time. Something similar is going to happen this time too. If the reports are considered then both will be seen together.

Bhaijaan Salman Khan celebrates Sunil

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Before this Kapil Sharma and Sunil grover Together, the whole were laughing at Hindustan, then the news of Un One started coming between the two and there was also news of a scuffle in the plane between the two. After which Sunil left this show.

Now reports are coming that everything between the two has now been fixed by Salman Khan, now it will be fully confirmed only in July when the show will return. Salman Khan is the producer of The Kapil Sharma Show, so there is a lot of hope of a comeback.

The Kapil Sharma Show has stopped

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Corona The epidemic had destroyed everything. When everything slowly started to recover, then The Kapil Sharma Show also came back without the audience but the live audience was greatly missed. Kapil Sharma has recently become a father for the second time. Ginni Chatrath gave birth to a son.

Kapil had a conversation with the fans on social media before the show went off air and told the fans the real reason for the show to be closed. Kapil had tweeted – Because I have to spend time with my wife at home. There was some news that now Kapil Sharma is bored with comedy, he wants to do something new.

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