Sonam Kapoor shared personal secret, said – I have been experiencing this pain for years, every women…

Sonam Kapoor is the famous actress of Bollywood. She is currently shooting for her upcoming film Blind. Despite this, he is active in social media. Recently, the actress has shared two pictures from her Instagram. In a picture, the yellow look of Sonam Kapoor is wreaking havoc. People are very fond of his look. Sonam looks very beautiful in yellow look. So Sonam has shared another picture. In which three people are visible. His father Anil Kapoor has also given his reaction on this picture.

Sonam Kapoor shared personal secret, said - I have been experiencing this pain for years, every women…

He has written that I want to be in this team. Apart from all this, Sonam shared a video on social media months ago. In which he shared one of his personal secrets. In the video, she told how she has been suffering a pain for years. Most women suffer from this type of problem.

Sonam told in the video that when she was 14 and 15 years old, she was hit by this serious disease. While sharing the video, the actress took a veil from Raj and said that hi guys. I have been battling a serious illness like PCOS for the past several years. It is a common disease. Due to which most women are suffering.

Further, the actress says that I consider it necessary to consult the doctor before dealing with this disease and doing something myself. I went to many experts and doctors to help me. I am a good place right now. From where I felt that I should share my learning among people. Further, while sharing some tips on dealing with a serious disease like PCOS, he said that sugar in it is quite fatal. I have felt a lot of change since I left it.

It goes on to say that the full name of PCOS is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. The disease is caused by unbalanced hormones in women. It is more likely to occur when menstruation is irregular. Due to this disease, women face problems in retention. Its treatment is possible. If it is not treated for a long time, it can take a serious form.

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