.. So due to this Abhishek Bachchan being corona positive Ajay Devgan had strongly reprimanded

Corona virus caused havoc across the country. Like ordinary people, its impact was also seen among Bollywood celebs. Everyone tried to protect themselves from the virus, but the Bachchan family could not escape the virus.

The head of the Bachchan family, Abitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai and daughter Aaradhya were also positive from the virus. Now recently, Abhishek Bachchan told the story of Corona virus positive in The Kapil Sharma.

Actually this week The Kapil Sharma Show Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgan, Shubham Shah and Nikita Dutta arrived. All these stars had come to promote their upcoming film The Big Bull. Where all the stars had fun with Kapil Sharma.

During this, Kapil started talking about Corona. Kapil says that both of you seem very fit. In Lacdau, he did more gym or had to do more household work. Then laughingly Abhishek says that in the lockdown we did Corona.

Kapil further says that when Bachchan saheb got corona, it would be as if the whole country had gone down, because he is our icon. And then Abhishek Paji also did. Kapil says that I have heard that when you got corona, the first call was made by Ajay Devgan sir. Abhishek then explains that the first call from Ajay Devgan.

Abhishek says that Ajay Devgan scolded, “Hey, what happened, what has happened to you, how can this happen to you”. Further Abhishek tells that then I felt that Ajay Devgan had come to meet me 5-6 days before that.

Everyone listens to Abhishek’s words. Overall, Ajay Devgan was in a dilemma after hearing Abhishek Bachchan’s Corona positive news that I have met Abhishek, but I have not been caught by Corona. But thankfully Ajay Devgan kept himself safe throughout this corona period.
Please tell that like ordinary people, many celebrities of Bollywood had also fallen prey to this corona. Which includes many Bollywood celebrities including Anupam Kher’s mother.

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