Shweta Aggarwal rejected Aditya Narayan many times, then Singer’s mother started love story like this

Aditya Narayan is the son of Bollywood famous singer Udit Narayan. Aditya recently married actress Shweta Aggarwal with great fanfare. During this time, pictures and videos of social media got angry. On the previous day, Aditya Narayan, along with his wife and Parrets, reached the Indian Idol show. Where he revealed how Shweta turned down his proposal several times.

Shweta Aggarwal rejected Aditya Narayan many times, then Singer's mother started love story like this

He followed Shweta for years. Then one day mother said that as soon as you meet Shweta talk to me. Then Aditya’s mother Deepa Narayan gave tips on the phone, after which Aditya’s car of love came on track. After dating each other for many years, Aditya married Shweta with great pomp in December.

Daursal recently released a promo video of the Indian Idol show. In which all the members of the Narayan family reached the show. During this, Udit Narayan strongly boosted the morale of all the singers and sang along with them. During this, Neha Kakkar asked Aditya that she got married, but you did not say how the love story of both of you started. On which Aditya told the whole story of his love story.

Aditya told how he kept on proposing Shweta many times, but Shweta rejected her proposal every time. Aditya further states that in a few meetings he had understood that this is his life partner. But Shweta was not giving him a sense.

So after mother Deepa Narayan’s phone calls she agreed and Aditya Narayan’s love story with Shweta Aggarwal started. After dating each other for many years, the two got married in the last months of the year 2020.

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