Seeing this scene of Ranjit in the film, the housemates were boiled, said with such a delicate and beautiful girl…

Ranjith was the dreaded villain of the films of the 70s and 80s. He made his Bollywood debut with the film Sharmili. When the film was released, his scenes were boiled over by his family members. There was chaos in Ranjit’s entire house.

Seeing this scene of Ranjit in the film, the housemates were boiled, said with such a delicate and beautiful girl…

The above story was shared by actor Ranjit himself on The Kapil Sharma Show recently. Ranjit Rai has reached The Kapil Sharma Show these days. Where he shared an anecdote related to his first film. Gulshan Grover and Famous Actress Bindu reached Kapil Sharma’s show with Ranjith. During this, Ranjith told the anecdote of his film, seeing that the people of his house became enraged.

In the year 1971, Ranjith’s first film Sharmili was released. The film had famous stars like Rakhi, Shashi Kapoor, Nazir Hussain, Anita Goha and Iftekhar. In those days, most films used to have rape scenes. Ranjeet’s role was of Villain in the film. In the film, Ranjith pulled Rakhi’s hair, tried to tear her clothes. In the film, Ranjith called all his housemates at the premiere. When the housemates saw this role of Ranjit, he became enraged.

He said that you got this role in the film. You got your father’s nose cut. Now what will Amritsar do with your mouth? Ranjit says that his mother said that you play a doctor in films, play an engineer. You have crossed all limits of shamelessness. You fool with a delicate and beautiful girl.

He says that after seeing the scene in the film, the entire family left the film and came out. He was very angry with me. He said that you don’t come to my house anymore. Get out of my house. Ranjit says that the whole house was in a tizzy about that scene of mine. Everyone kicked me out of the house.

If media reports are to be believed, Ranjit tried to convince the housemates a lot after all this happened. But he was not ready to accept. So he took his film co-star Rakhi home. Rakhi tried hard to convince Ranjit’s mother, but she was turned upside down and rather angry.

It is said that the last part of Ranjit’s films was never seen by his mother. However, gradually, Ranjit’s mother also understood that all this was limited to the screen and it used to be an important part of the film at that time.

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