Sara ali had done such an act in school, the teacher had become red with anger, then got this punishment…

Sara ali Khan has done many films in Bollywood so far. Sara ali was in the film world from Kadam Kedarnath. Sara Ali’s opposite actor Sushant Singh Rajput was in this film. It has been more than 6 months since Sushant Singh Rajput went from this world. In the past, when the investigation into his death case started, Sara Ali Khan’s name was also very much associated with him. Sara’s name also came up in the drugs case. He was also questioned by the NCB agency investigating the drugs case. During this time she kept protecting herself from the media for a long time.

Sara Ali Khan had done such an act in school, the teacher had turned red with anger, then got this punishment…

But during the promotion of Coolie number 1 film, she was once again seen facing the camera. Now recently, an anecdote of Sara Ali Khan’s school time is in the news. Which was shared by Sara herself during an interview. According to the news, Sara told that once in school she had done such mischief. Due to which he had to be scolded by the teacher. The teacher was asking them the same question again and again, why did you do this.

Sara says that she was standing silently when the teacher was questioning her. Because they had no answer. Sara tells that this act of hers stirred the whole school. The point was that he should be suspended from school. But then she escaped being suspended after speaking to the Principal for a mistake.

Sara had told in the interview that she put glue on the fan of the school class. As soon as the teacher came in the class and the fan started. Gum was spread throughout the class. My teacher became very angry with this act. They put my class on high. Sara says that I was the daughter of a star even though. But in school life I used to live like ordinary children. I never felt that I was the daughter of a famous star.

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