Sandeep Nahar, who played Dhoni’s friend alongside Sushant Singh Rajput in MS Dhoni’s biopic, has committed suicide. Again with depression The ghost has come out Sandeep Nahar was found dead at his residence in Goregaon, Mumbai on 15 February. At present, the Mumbai Police is investigating this entire case.

After all, why Sandeep Nahar was afraid to go home

Before his death, Sandeep Nahar also posted a video with a suicide note on his Facebook account. In which he told that he is not happy with his marriage and is very upset. Also, he made very serious allegations against his wife Kanchan Sharma. Sandeep has said that he is not mentally well. I am afraid to go to my own house after finishing work. I do not know what my wife will fight for me without reason. Also some pictures on the internet Viral It is happening in which Sandeep Nahar seems very happy with his wife Kanchan Sharma.

Recently both of them got married

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Sandeep Nahar’s marriage has not been long. Two years ago, both were tied in marriage, no statement has been revealed by Sandeep Nahar’s wife Kanchan Sharma so far as to what is the real reason for their quarrel.

Sandeep Nahar explained the reason for his problem

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Sandeep Nahar says in his last video, I tried to convince my wife Kanchan Sharma a lot, she is not ready to listen to any of my words. No one listens to me in the house. . Being upset about this, I told him many times Suicide I had also threatened to do it, but she did not listen to it.

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