Salman khan just bow his head in front of these 5 people, believing everything as number 1

Salman khan is a Bollywood superstar. Salman’s popularity is not hidden from anyone. People from all over the world follow them. But there are also some stalwarts in the film world whom Salman khan believes in everything. They bow their heads in front of only these 5 people. So let’s know who Salman khan believes in everything. Whose heart he respects.

Salman Khan bow his head in front of these 5 people, believing everything as number 1

According to media reports, the 5 people whom Salman khan respects with heart are very close to him. He listens to them a lot. He respects them wholeheartedly along with his elder brother, Guru, Ideal.


Salman khan considers Dharmendra his everything. Dharmendra is Salman Khan’s most loved actor. A film with Salman Dharmendra, Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya Hai According to the news, due to Dharmendra Salman, there were no fees from this film. Salman respects Dharmendra a lot. He considers them his ideal. So Dharmendra also sees himself as Salman.

Amitabh Bachchan

Salman and Amitabh have appeared in many films together. But the film Bagwan is still in the hearts of his fans. Both Salman and Abitabh are very fond of each other. It is also said that Amitabh hugs Salman on seeing him. Salman too respects Amitabh.


Rajinikanth is the superstar of the South Film Industry. Salman respects Rajinikanth a lot. He considers them his ideal. Rajinikanth is worshiped like a god in the South. His fans are following all over the world.

Mithun da

Salman Khan is very close to Mithun Da. During an interview, Salman expressed his desire to work with Mithun Da. Salman said that he considered me like his son. He is an actor whose films I love to watch. He is close to my heart.

Sunny Deol

It is said about Salman Khan that Sunny is very much admired by Deol. Salman had given Race 3 work to Bavi Deol at the behest of Sunny Deol. Salman respects Sunny Deol a lot. He treats him like an elder brother.

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