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On the screen, when a superstar comes in a police uniform, whistles are played, people beat applause. Being a supercop with a fit body thrills the audience. Today we are going to tell you about a real life supercop on which millions of girls are crazy. When they are on the road, people break up to take selfies with them. He is the most fit IPS Officer of India. We are talking about IPS Sachin Atulkar, the emperor of fitness and posted in the post of DIG in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

Sachin Atulkar (Sachin Atulkar) himself is no less than a hero. In case of body and fintess, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has also failed in front of them. His fame is more about his fitness than the fame he has got in the police department.

IPS Sachin Atulkar Body Fitness

Sachin Atulkar became an IPS officer at the age of 22

Sachin Atulkar is a 2007 batch IPS officer. He became an IPS officer at the age of 22. He was in the police headquarters of the capital before being promoted to the post of DIG in Gwalior. And before that he was the Police Captain (SP) of Ujjain district.

Sachin Atulkar, who became an IPS officer at the age of just 22, had gained popularity among the youth with joining. Their discussion is not only in the country but also in foreign countries. The girls are so obsessed with their fitness that they reach their workplace to get a glimpse of them from far away.

Aware about fitness

IPS Sachin Atulkar along with the youth keep their police departments aware of fitness. Whatever the situation, he pays full attention to his body. Atulkar believes that when you remain physically fit, you will always be active as well as avoid diseases. For this reason, he is no less than a film star.

Things by Sachin Atulkar, which very few people will know

  1. Sachin Atulkar was born in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.
  2. His father has retired from forest service, while his brother is devoted to the country by serving in the Indian Army.
  3. Sachin became an IPS officer at the age of 22.
  4. Sachin has also been a national level cricket player. In 1999, he won the Gold Medal at the National Level Cricket.
  5. They are vigilant about their fitness. They believe that fitness keeps them active, as well as fresh mind.
  6. Sachin also loves horse riding, he has also won the Gold Medal in horse riding.

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