Saif revealed how much papad had to be made to get Kareena, to get divorced from Amrita…

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan, known as the best couples of Bollywood, are a role model for people today. Saif Ali Khan worked hard to get a place in Bollywood. Saif Ali Khan may be a small Nawab of the Pataudi dynasty but he did not want to do much money on inherited things and wanted to make a name on his own. Today, we want to tell you how many papads were sold by Saif to get Kareena Kapoor.

According to media reports, Saif Ali Khan, while disclosing his personal secret, said that he had a lot of difficulties in getting divorced from my first wife Amrita Singh. Saif further said that I do not want to do evil to Amrita, the first wife. My wife Kareena Kapoor Khan knows the reason for me and her divorce and I don’t think I need to tell everyone.

There is always a discussion about the affair of actor and actress in Bollywood corridors. But Saif and Kareena proved that love should be the love of heart, not of age. Saif revealed that Kareena and I were married on one condition. Saif further said that Kareena told me that I will marry you only when you accept my condition.

Saif further told the media that after being asked in this way, I got nervous about what condition Kareena is going to put before me. Saif said that Kareena said that you will not stop me from doing film even after marriage. Because my life is for Bollywood only. Kareena further said that from childhood till today, I have only thought that I will marry someone who will listen to me.

Kareena further also said that you have to fulfill my every wish and always have to take the oath to support. Saif said that I could not understand the condition of getting this way continuously and without thinking I said yes. Saif said that today he is happy that his wife is a loving wife and mother with a sensible person.

Saif revealed that he had a lot of trouble for divorce of me and ex-wife Amrita Singh and had to pay about 5 crore rupees. Only after this the appeal of divorce was completed. After getting together for 13 years, both of them got divorced in 2004. Even after this, the reason for their divorce has not been known till date.

Saif further said that in the condition of divorce of 5 crores, he gave 2.5 crores to Amrita immediately. For the same son Ibrahim, he had decided to give 1 lakh rupees every month. After this, till today they are giving money only.

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