Ranveer Kapoor was in a condition when he saw Aishwarya Rai for the first time, this was revealed

Aishwarya Rai and Ranveer Kapoor have acted in the same film so far. When the film was released, the people of both of them liked the film very much. Although Aishwarya had a serpenting role in this film. Anushka Sharma was in the lead role, but Aishwarya got more popularity in this film than Anushka. The fans of Ranveer Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai were well liked by the fans. During an interview, Ranveer Kapoor told how his condition was when he first saw Aishwarya.

Ranveer Kapoor was in a condition when he saw Aishwarya Rai for the first time, this was revealed

According to media reports, Ranveer Kapoor told that the first time he saw Aishwarya on the set of the film Aa Ab Laut Chale. He was the assistant director in this movie while his father Rithi Kapoor directed the film. At that time, Ranveer was just 14 to 15 years old. Ranveer says that Aishwarya did not treat him like children at that time. He says that if he had more meetings with Aishwarya, then he would be the best friend because he and Aishwarya had good tuning.

The atmosphere was romantic

During the shooting of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil film, the entire set was romanticized when Aishwarya Rai arrived on the first day. Ranveer says that when Aishwarya Rai reached the set on the first day of the shoot, the stars started breaking up on seeing them.

The entire atmosphere of the set was romanticized. Despite Anushka playing the lead role in the film, nobody was paying attention to her. All were following Aishwarya Rai only. Let me tell you that for the first time Ranveer and Aishwarya were seen in this film. In the film, the chemistry of both was well liked by the people.

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