Ranveer Kapoor teased Priyanka Chopra with Shahid Kapoor’s name, then the actress replied like this

A throwback video of Ranveer Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The video going viral has been uploaded by a fans page. Fans of both the stars are very fond of this video. In the video, both the stars were seen having fun. It can be clearly seen in the video how Ranveer Kapoor teases Priyanka with Shahid’s name.

When Ranveer Kapoor teased Priyanka Chopra with Shahid Kapoor's name, then the actress responded like this

In fact, in the video going viral, both the stars introduce themselves. Priyanka takes her right name. She says hi this is Priyanka Chopra. When Shahid’s turn comes, instead of taking his name, he says hi this is Shahid Kapoor. Priyanka is surprised to hear Shahid’s name from Ranveer’s tongue. She starts looking at Ranveer. So right there Ranveer laughs his head down. So there is a smile on this act of Ranveer on Priyanka’s face as well.

According to media reports, when Ranveer teased Priyanka with Shahid’s name, how can a desi girl stay behind in such a situation. Further, she is also seen teasing Ranveer with the name Katrina Kaif. By the way, let us tell you that while Priyanka Chopra has been in the limelight with Shahid Kapoor for her closeness, Ranveer Kapoor has gathered headlines about the affair with Katrina Kaif. Although this video is quite old.

Talk about the present, Priyanka is married these days and she is with her husband-in-law Nick Jonas while abroad, while Ranveer Kapoor is still single. He is currently dating Alia Bhatt. According to the news, soon both these stars are going to get married.

A statement by Ranveer has also been in the news in the past. In which he told that if conditions like lockdown and corona had not happened in India, they would have been married by now. At present, Priyanka and Shahid are heavily in the headlines with their videos.

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