Rakhi Sawant has a wish to be fulfilled soon, Rakhi Sawant wants her husband to come to the world on his own. Rakesh’s Riteish also revealed that he would enter Bigg Boss house in the first week of January as a contestant. But right now they are waiting for the show makers reply.

Entry in january first week

Rakhi’s so-called husband Ritesh said in an interview – I have told the makers of my desire to participate in this show. I have also told them about my availability. I am waiting for the reply of the Makers to go home in January First Week to support my wife to go home.

The makers wanted me to come to the show during Christmas, but I was busy with my work at that time. So I was not able to enter the house. However, so far I have not received any confirmation from the makers.

Will support his wife

Rakhi Sawant's invisible husband will come for the first time, will enter Entry in Bigg Boss 14

Ritesh said- I want to support my wife in Bigg Boss house. He also said that, Rakhi has come as a blessing in my life and she is a very good person at heart. Before this, Rakhi’s husband also supported Rakhi on the fight with Arshi Khan and Nikki Tamboli.

Rakhi told Rubina – I folded my hands and said that I am going to a very big show. If possible, then definitely come once. Do something, respect me. Rakhi said this because she wanted to tell that her marriage was not a publicity stunt.

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