Nora Fatehi wears very expensive heels, she will be shocked to hear the price

Nora Fatehi is a great dancer. His dance moves are crazy around the world including Bollywood. Nora is very active in social media. She definitely keeps posting something on the social media day. He has more than 21 million followers on social media. Every million of his posts gets views and likes. Recently Nora has posted a video on social media. In this video, she appeared in a shining kaftan dress.

Nora Fatehi wears very expensive heels, she will be shocked to hear the price

According to the news, he is in Dubai these days. Where she is enjoying fiercely. Nora recently tried a kaftan dress. Nora Bala is looking beautiful in this dress. It can be clearly seen in the video that Nora has a macup matching the dress.

During this matching dress, Nora’s heels are attracting people’s attention. Nora’s heels are also matching her dress. Nora’s fans are eyeing their heels. In such a situation, if you also wish for such heels, then firstly you know its value.

According to media reports, Nora’s heels are quite expensive. If you listen to the price, then your head will baffle. Despite this, if you are thinking of making these heels, then you will have to spend a hefty amount. It is also being claimed that such heels are difficult to find in the market.

To make this heels yours, you have to order online. According to the news, the price of this heels is 1195 dollars. If you see it by converting to Indian currency, then it costs about 87 thousand rupees. Those who spend for one heels are not a matter of everyone. At the moment, Nora is making headlines for this matching dress. This video of Nora has been watched 29 lakh times so far.

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