Bollywood’s beautiful actress Nora Fatehi is very famous for her dance and acting. Along with his fans, celebs are also fans of his dance. Nora Fatehi is quite popular on social media. In the coming days, she is in the headlines for her dance and photos. At the same time, Frank, who happened to him recently, is becoming quite viral.

An old video of Nora is becoming quite viral these days. In this video, Prank is shown with Nora, Nora gets trapped in this prank and gets very upset. At the same time, when they get to know the truth of this France, they are shocked. Let’s know the whole thing….

Singer Tulsi did a prank

In the video that went viral, Tulsi Kumar is seen doing a prank with Nora. Mimicry artist Rohit Gupta is also included in his plan. Tulsi asks Rohit to take out Sanjay Dutt’s voice and tell Nora that he is saddened by her not playing the part on Saki-Saki song. Rohit calls Nora in Sanjay Dutt’s voice. Recreating Saki-Saki’s songs by him. Why did she not get a place in Nora’s song. This makes Nora nervous. She gives many arguments related to this, but does not consider Rohit as Sanjay’s voice.

Nora became angry

Nora Fatehi had to make fun of Sanjay Dutt as a joke, bid me a slap.

After this Rohit asks Nora to show the signature step of Saki-Saki song on the phone itself. Nora does the same. After this, when it was revealed that Rohit was pranking with him. That’s when Tulsi Nora and Rohit go into vanity. Knowing this, Nora is very angry.

Nora Fatehi had to make fun of Sanjay Dutt as a joke, bid me a slap.

She tells Rohit that I will slap you. Why did this to me? While Rohit apologizes to Nora and Nora praises her style of dressing, but Nora’s condition was worth seeing at that time.

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