When Miss India 2020 came first runner up when the daughter of an auto rickshaw driver from UP, Manushi Chillar, the champion of ‘Miss World 2017’, made her proud.


Miss India is the first runner-up daughter of an auto rickshaw driver from UP in 2020. She may have been behind by winning the crown but she is praised everywhere. Manushi chillar Tak has praised him. This journey of Manya Singh was not easy, from the daughter of an auto driver to going to beauty contents and becoming the runner up of Miss India 2020, Manya Singh could not achieve the milestone but everyone is convinced of her hard work and dedication They are being discussed a lot on social media.

Manya Singh is the daughter of an auto driver from Uttar Pradesh.

Manushi Chillar, daughter of auto driver, journey to become actress from Miss India, hunger stomach spent many nights

Manya is the daughter of an auto driver from UP. Her journey till Miss 2020 was very strong. Manya’s interview on social media said, ‘I and my family have spent many nights without eating and without sleep. I have spent many afternoons walking for miles. I have been encouraged by blood, sweat and tears to get this victory. As the daughter of a rickshaw driver, I never got a chance to go to school because I started working in teenage.

Manya Singh kept craving for books in childhood

Manya Singh Told that she wanted to finish her degree, for this her family members had pledged their jewelry. So that Manya can complete her studies. He told that my parents have suffered a lot to give me rest. Manya Singh told that she used to go to wash dishes in the evening and worked in a call center at night.

He told that I used to walk for hours after saving the money of rickshaw and today I am on the stage of Femina Miss India and to make my parents and brother proud and to say that I want to say this for your dreams. If you work hard day and night, you will definitely succeed one day.

Mansa of Telangana did this title in the title of Miss India 2020 (VLCC Femina Miss India 2020).

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