Mumbai. Bhojpuri cinema’s superstar and BJP leader Manoj Tiwari has become a father. The little angel was born in their house. Manoj Tiwari himself has shared the photo on Twitter. In the photo, Manoj Tiwari is seen with his young daughter in his lap. Fans are not tired of congratulating them for this picture of Bhojpuri star. While sharing this photo, Manoj Tiwari said that a small fairy has come to his house. This picture of actor and BJP leader is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

Manoj Tiwari marries second at the behest of his daughter

Manoj Tiwari’s second wife Surabhi has given birth to a lovely daughter. In 2012, he married for 8 years after his divorce from his first wife Rani. He was not ready to settle down again, but his elder daughter Jia persuaded him to marry again. Manoj Tiwari is now eagerly waiting to meet his elder daughter.

Manoj Tiwari talked about his second marriage and his relationship with his first wife. He told in an interview to the Times of India that it has been almost 10 years since my relationship with Rani ended, but still our relationship is cordial. He told that I keep in touch with Jia, she stays in Mumbai with Rani.

Manoj spoke openly about Surabhi

Manoj Tiwari got married on the advice of this man, took the rounds in lockdown

During this, he also spoke openly about his second wife Surabhi. He told that Surabhi and I got married in April during lockdown. She used to look after my administrative work. Actually, she is a singer and has sung a song with me in a music video.

Manoj Tiwari further said in this conversation that my daughter Jiya insisted on the relationship with Surabhi and said that both of us should get married. He told that Jia and Surabhi are quite comfortable with each other.

Manoj Tiwari got married on the advice of this man, took the rounds in lockdown

Manoj Tiwari told that Jiah is coming to Delhi with her maternal uncle. He said that there is no bitterness between us, we are absolutely fine with each other. He told that I was very tense when I separated from Rani in 2010 at his request. Life had become somewhat strange then.

My daughter Jiya snatched from me this right

Manoj Tiwari got married on the advice of this man, took the rounds in lockdown

Has new baby shopping started? On this, the actor and singer said that Jia and Surabhi had already done a lot. Manoj Tiwari was asked whether he thought of his daughter’s name. On this, he said that my daughter Jia has taken away this right from me.

She will name the daughter after coming to Delhi. Let us tell you that Rani and Jia live together in the cheerful campus in Mumbai, where Rajkumar Rao, Vicky Kaushal, Kashmiri Shah, Prachi Desai and many other people from Bollywood and television industry also live. Manoj Tiwari told that he has given this flat to Rani and Jia.

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