Madhuri Dixit considers husband Ram Ram Nene better than her, revealed in the interview

Madhuri Dixit is seen spending time with her family away from the film world these days. She is mostly active on social media. During this time, she keeps sharing videos of dancing and sometimes cooking. When Madhuri is at the kitchen, her husband is also with her. Several times in the video, she is seen enjoying the delicious dish with her husband while cooking.

Madhuri Dixit considers husband Ram Ram Nene better than her, revealed in the interview

Now during a recent interview, Madhuri has described her husband better than her for this. Madhuri said that even though I am a woman. But my husband is much better than me in cooking. They make every dish so delicious that you will be licking fingers. Madhuri says about Shriram Nene that the dish be it Marathi or else. They make every dish quite delicious.

Recently, during a conversation with the Times of India, Madhuri said that when I was growing up, I knew a little bit of cooking. At that time I was able to make omelet and poha bus. But due to starting work at an early age, cooking never got a chance to learn much. Today, everything I know to make is learned only after marriage.

Madhuri says that my husband Sriram Nene’s father was a French cook in America. Which he used to help. During this time, he has learned to make many recipes. Whether you are Continental food or French or Italian. My husband is an expert in making all dishes.

Regarding the Indian dish, the actress says that all the dishes I make have been learned from my mother, and my husband has learned from me. But he is a better cook than me. She says for herself that I also make good food. But in terms of cooking, my husband is better than me.

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