Kiss wanted to forcibly get this heroin from photographer Salman, then the actress did what the superstar did…

Actress Bhagyashree acted in the film Maine Pyar Kiya with Salman Khan for the first time. The film completed 31 years of release in the past. Many stories related to the film made headlines on this occasion. One such anecdote is between Salman and Bhagyashree. When a photographer wanted to force Salman to kiss Bhagyashree. But what the superstar Salman did again came to life in the life of the actress. He was convinced that Salman is a good person.

Kiss wanted to forcibly get this heroin from photographer Salman, then the actress from what the superstar did…

Actually, it happened that during the film Maine Pyaar Kiya, people liked Salman and Bhagyashree’s chemistry. So many photoshoots are available to these stars. When these stars arrived to do the same photoshoot, a photographer comes to Salman’s ear and kisses Bhagyashree. He says that when I setup the camera, then you hold the actress and kiss her. Bhagyashree listens to this and she falls completely into trouble.

Because in the film Maine Pyar Kiya, he completely refused to give such kissing scene. In such a situation, there is no question of giving kissing scene during photoshoot. Despite this, she was surprised to hear that the photographer did not kiss Salman in the truth.

But the fear of actress Bhagyashree came to an end when Salman said that he cannot kiss anyone without permission. Salman said that if you want something like this, then first you have to talk to Bhagyashree. Bhagyashree was overjoyed to hear this answer from Salman. He came to know about his life. The actress said that I am happy that I am working in a safe environment.

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