Bollywood’s most beautiful actress Katrina Kaif has been a constant figure in discussions today. His relationship with Vicky Kaushal is the reason for staying in the news this time. Vicky’s name is being associated with Katrina for a long time. In view of this, Katrina has taken such steps, after which the relationship of their relationship has increased.

Know what Katrina did

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif went out to celebrate New Year. After which both shared their vacation photos on social media, but neither of them appeared in any picture.

In a photo shared by Katrina, fans spotted Vicky Kaushal in a glass in the background. But it was noticed that Katrina removed the pick when the tool was catching.

social media But both are discussing that these two people are in a relationship. And went to celebrate New Year together.

Katrina Kaif took a big step amid reports of affairs with Vicky Kaushal
Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal were accompanied by Kat’s sister Ijbella. A photo was also shared with Izabella.

There are a lot of churches regarding the relationship of both, but the news of this has not come official yet.
Katrina and Vicky have been spotted together several times before, and the pictures went viral. But in the matter of this relationship, the media has been avoided. Fans wait a lot when they will officially do a relationship.

Katrina kaif before Salman Khan, Has been in a relationship with Ranveer Kapoor. At the same time, Vicky Kaushal has been in a relationship with Harleen Chopra.

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