Kareena, spoiling Ladley, during an interview, father Saif said that Taimur is bullying at home

Every son is his mother’s beloved. Therefore, when the son commits wrong actions, his skin boils on the mother. That is, the mother overall is said to be responsible for the antics of the son. This is not limited to ordinary people only, but such sentences are seen in Bollywood stars as well.

Kareena, spoiling Ladley, during an interview, father Saif said that Taimur is bullying at home

Saif Ali Khan made many revelations about his son Taimur during an interview almost a year ago. He said that Timur is deteriorating due to mother’s love and love. Kareena is spoiling her. Taimur is now starting to show house airs. He gets angry at talk. He shows bullying to the family members. If he is not in his mind, he is angry. Demonstrate a desire not to go to school. Speak wrong things that should not be spoken.

Let us tell you that Timur is one of the most talked about star kids. His followers are very much following now. He remains in the headlines on the day of his activity. On December 20, he completed 4 years. He also started going to school. But due to the closure of schools, he continues to have fun at home. If Saif and Kareena have reached as a guest in any show, then there will definitely be a discussion of Timur.

Apart from this, Timur with his parets often has some spot. But the way Kareena is making Taimur dear, husband Saif Ali Khan is worried. During the interview, he made it clear that he had become the father of a third child.

He has raised two children before this. Due to which they should have complete idea of ​​how to take care of children. Saif further says that Kareena’s Taimur is the first son. So she falls in love with him more than anything. Due to which he is becoming of bad nature.

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