The stalwarts of the music world are also convinced of his voice. Kailash Kher is known for a different type of singing. Kailash Kher’s father was a Kashmiri Pandit and had a great interest in folk songs. Due to which, Kailash Kher also had a passion for music since childhood. Born in Meerut, Kailash Kher struggled a lot in his life.

Kailash Kher sang a song since the age of four

Kailash Kher started singing from the age of four. He captivated everyone with his voice. Kailash Kher’s father used to sing traditional songs in the programs. He did not like film songs at all, while Kailash loved Bollywood songs.

When he decided to make singing his life, his family opposed it but Kailash too was not one to give up. He left his home for music at the young age of 14.

Kailash left home to sing

Kailash Kher left home for music, attempted suicide, then life was overturned

Kailash reached Delhi after leaving home. Here he started taking music education. Now there was no money or else he started giving tuition of music to children to meet their expenses. They used to charge 150 rupees from each child and used to take their expenses out of it.

The path to Kailash Kher was not so easy. There was a time when he could not see any ray of hope. In 1999, he started a handicraft export business with his friend. Kailash and his friend suffered heavy losses. After which Kailash tried to commit suicide.

The opportunity to sing jingles

Kailash Kher left home for music, attempted suicide, then life was overturned

When Kailash found no way out, he turned to Rishikesh. There he used to sing bhajans while staying among saints. It was from here that his confidence awakened and he reached Mumbai. In 2001, Kailash reached Mumbai immediately accepting the offers of singing to make a living here.

A ray of hope in Kailash’s life was seen when he met music composer Ram Sampat and he gave Kailash a chance to sing jingles in Ed. He sang jingles for big brands like Pepsi to Coca Cola.

Kailash Kher’s wife is very beautiful

Kailash Kher left home for music, attempted suicide, then life was overturned

Very few people know about Kailash Kher’s personal life. Please tell that in the year 2009, Kailash Kher married Sheetal. She is 11 years younger than him. Both have a son Kabir. Talking about wife Sheetal, Kailash says that ‘We are both beings of different worlds. I am a self-conscious type, whereas she grew up in Mumbai of modern opinion. We met through a common friend. One commonality between us is music. Who added us. ‘

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