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The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 starts with Ridhima praying to Lord Ganesh to support her. Ragini calls Vansh. Ridhima answers the simply call.

Ragini asks to enable her. Ridhima asks her site and asks who kidnapped her. Ragini suggests Kabir kidnapped her, but Ridhima couldn&#8217t hear as from Ragini&#8217s qualifications she hears a prepare passing and temple bells ringing. Kabir will come and pushes Ragini, she drops the cell phone. Ridhima attempts to track down the site from the background sound. She listened to coach passing and also read temple bells, she finds out the position.

Ridhima retains the mobile phone and leaves. Anupriya will take the cellphone and presents the cell phone to Vansh. Anupriya tells Vansh that Ridhima was conversing to somebody on the mobile phone in a corner and she has a question on her. Vansh says he trusts Ridhima.

In the meantime, Kabir states that he will kill Ragini and blame Vansh as he has the movie in which Vansh is pointing a gun on Ragini. Ridhima thinks that if the kidnapper has viewed Ragini speaking on the phone then her existence is in danger.

Kabir locks Ragini inside of the home with poisonous fuel.

Kabir calls Anupriya and claims that their approach worked to kill Ragini. He will get rid of Ragini and will blame Vansh. Siya overhears Anupriya&#8217s dialogue and learns that Anupriya killed their mother.
Afterwards, Ridhima reaches to the manufacturing facility and finds Ragini and will save her. In the meantime, Siya calls Vansh and tells him that Anupriya killed their mom. Vansh couldn&#8217t hear her, he disconnects the contact.

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