Actress Esha Gupta shared a shirtless photo on social media to say goodbye to 2020. As soon as his picture comes on social media, it becomes a topic of discussion for his fans. Similar photos have been shared by Bollywood’s bold actress Esha Gupta. Please tell that Isha often stays in the headlines with her pictures.

Stretching eyes

In the stock photo on Instagram, the actress is seen doing an upper body stretching on the bed. He captioned the photo and wrote, “We made it through December. Thankful for the good health of my family and friends, I am blessed to be with those who love me.

Ready for Wolf Moon tonight. Hashtag Boy 2020. “Not only this, Isha has shared many bold pictures on her Instagram. Isha Gupta shared a latest picture of her. In this picture, she is seen giving very bold poses.

This photo of the actress is becoming fiercely viral on the social media. In the latest picture of Isha, she is seen wearing a T-shirt. In the picture, you can see that he has taken a very bold pose in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

Trolls have happened many times

Isha Gupta says goodbye to 2020 without sharing picture of clothes

Isha Gupta is often trolled on social media for taking her picture. However, actresses always stop trolling by answering trolls. Talking about the trawlers in the hall itself, Isha said that even after the year 2020, people are busy getting negative and trolling.

Sometimes I feel bad about these things that maybe they are upset, that’s why they are doing so. He has no one to talk to and that is the reason he trolls others, but Isha keeps walking on her path. They do not have to answer to anyone’s talk.

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