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Difficulty for Milind Soman in advance as he gets booked for obscenity for his nude run on a Goan beach front to carry in his 55th birthday om November 4.Sources say the rates can place him into a very long legal wangle.

Unless Soman challenges a general public apology,which he’s not likely to do.

A close mate of the design-actor reveals, “Milind is extremely comfortable with his human body. Nudity is not an problem for him at all. Getting with no apparel is as pure to him as ingesting,sleeping or respiration. Why would he apologize for anything that is natural to him?”

One more good friend thinks clubbing the Poonam Pandey and Milind Soman nude controversies together is very unfair. “One does whatever she does for notice. For the other nudity is usual.”

Shekhar Suman has the last term, “If its illegal then I guess the owing training course of action is justified. And if Poonam Panday can be booked for the similar offence then why not Milind?There are far better areas to your bathroom.”

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