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The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts off with Preeta learning that Mahira did not try to suicide and is just having a scratch on her hand. Mahira attempts to run away. Preeta asks her to utilize the bandage once again, or every person will arrive to know that there is no injuries on her hand. Preeta says that Mahira is just obsessed with Karan and doesn’t appreciate him.

Preeta tells Mahira that she was shocked when she listened to that Mahira was faking her suicide try to get shut to Karan.

Preeta tells Mahira that she can under no circumstances become Karan’s wife. And now she will reveal her fact to the relatives. Mahira closes the door and warns Preeta that if she attempts telling anyone about her injury then she may well harm herself. Preeta says that she is not worried of anyone.

Preeta enters the hall and sees that absolutely everyone is discussing Mahira and what they can do for her. Preeta informs them that Mahira is a liar and has faked her suicide attempt. Mahira enters and states that Preeta is lying as she wishes her to go away the dwelling.

Mahira says that she enjoys Karan and are unable to dwell without him. Mahira normally takes a vase and breaks it. She suggests she simply cannot stay without having Karan and cuts her wrist. Karan attempts to serene her down.

Mahira falls unconscious. Karan normally takes Mahira to the medical center.
(Preeta comes out of her desire and she is in Mahira’s home chatting to Mahira)

Mahira asks what happened to her. Did anybody check out to force her in her goals as she arrived out of her desire in shock? Mahira warns Preeta that if she tries telling the truth then she might attempt suicide once more.

Precap: Preeta tells Karan that she doesn’t care even if Mahira keeps rapid for Karan. Karan pulls her near and asks what if Mahira arrives near to me and he hugs her.

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