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The episode of Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 commences with Ridhima telling Kabir that she doesn&#8217t know where Ragini is. She also claims that she feels like someone is retaining an eye on her. Kabir states that Siya is lying to her and she is aware of the place Ragini is.

Ridhima thinks that she has 24hrs and has to come across where by Ragini is.
Ragini kicks the shelf and drops the vase so that Ridhima will see her. Anupriya pulls her and hides her. Ridhima thinks that someone is driving the cabinet, checks and finds almost nothing. Ridhima leaves.

Anupriya and Ragini appear out. Ragini tells Kabir that when Vansh will come to know about who killed his mom then he will kill them. Also, Ragini mentions that Ridhima is now in Vansh&#8217s daily life. She will find out who the perpetrator is.

Dadi tells Ridhima that she was pondering to hold Shanti pooja as they bought good news, they should celebrate Siya&#8217s restoration. Dadi tells Ridhima that she is familiar with Vansh is in ache and he doesn&#8217t share with any one, and she desires the aged Vansh again. Ridhima says that she will convey Vansh&#8217s smile back.

Vansh is conversing on a get in touch with. Ridhima enters the area to give Vansh prasad. Vansh turns and Ridhima&#8217s mangalsutra breaks in his arms. Ridhima drops the plate in shock. She says that if mangalsutra breaks then it is a negative omen.

Vansh says that there is absolutely nothing negative, he bought good news. Vansh tells Ridhima that Angre bought the CCTV footage of who kidnapped Ragini.

Precap: Siya overhears the discussion and learns that Anupriya killed their mom. Siya informs Vansh.

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