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The episode of Anupamaa begins with Kavya telling Vanraj that she ought to go out on a date. Later she states that he really should go home as Vanraj is existing below physically but not mentally. Kavya receives upset with Vanraj. Vanraj asks Kavya not to spoil her mood as he will be remaining with her tonight.

In the meantime, Samar aids Nandini arrange home furnishings collectively in her property. Samar is about to depart. Samar asks her if she has some other work or would like to say anything. Nandini suggests that she doesn&#8217t have any operate and says that she likes him. Samar asks her to repeat what she reported. Nandani repeats and leaves. Samar will get joyful and starts dancing.

At Vanraj&#8217s house, Bapuji is not sensation properly. Vanraj calls Bapuji and informs him that he is active at perform and will not be coming house. Bapuji is about to request Vanraj about medication but Vanraj disconnects and turns the telephone on silent. Bapuji informs Anupamaa and Baa the similar.

Baa yells at Anupamaa that for the reason that of her Vanraj couldn&#8217t have food at his have household and asks her to go to her mother&#8217s home. Bapuji argues with Baa and warns her not to yell at his Bahu. Later on, Bapuji receives a heart attack and falls. Anupamaa and Baa rush to him. Sweety attempts contacting Vanraj, but Vanraj is fast paced romancing with Kavya.

Sweety calls the doctor, and the health care provider informs them that Bapuji&#8217s ailment is significant and they have to change him to the healthcare facility right away. Samar normally takes the neighbour&#8217s motor vehicle and drives them to the hospital.

Precap: Health care provider asks Anupamaa to indication a consent form, on which it&#8217s described that if one thing happens to Bapuji for the duration of the operation then Anupamaa will be responsible.

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