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The just one to bag two Grammys and a Golden Globe and who has been nominated for Academy Award (Oscar) five occasions and winning twice from it, is no other than our Legend AR Rahman. He is a single and only tunes director to have won the Nationwide Film Award six periods. He is 1 of the most celebrated and famous audio directors in the Bollywood tunes industry who has designed broad and outstanding contributions.

AR Rahman is popularly also identified with several names like audio maestro, Mozart of Madras, and a lot of other folks. His magnificent contribution to the new music marketplace has altered and reshaped the tunes market of India. He brought in a twist in modern new music. However he has won many awards and recognition, they nonetheless don&#8217t add to the audio industry&#8217s enormous contribution. Those awards symbolize and present just some aspect, but his get the job done is way outside of. No issue how a lot of situations we honor it, it would not be adequate.

AR Rahman has labored for far more than 100 movie soundtracks, every single distinctive and magical. And his file gross sales are extra than two hundred million. His tracks will undoubtedly give every person literal chills. Don&#8217t believe that us? Hear to these amazing renditions that will display you and deliver you with proof.

Jai Ho

Maa Tujhe Salaam

Chaiyya Chaiyya

Ishq Bina

Rang De Basanti

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