Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi is very active on social media and due to this she has also been trolled this time. Huma Qureshi has been promoting a brand of liquor for some time. With this, he has shared pictures and videos on his social media account. In this video, Huma is also telling how to drink alcohol. People do not like these posts at all and he is fiercely criticizing the actress.

Questions raised on religion after watching alcohol

In one photo, Huma Qureshi is seated holding a glass of wine in her hand and also holds a bottle of wine on the table. Chopped pieces of lemon are kept together. Posting his picture, Huma wrote in the caption, “When Mumbai’s winter afternoon looks like summer, you refresh yourself.” Then they have further explained how they have prepared the drink in their hands.

Huma shares photo with liquor, Religion contractors said & Quot; Shame & Quot;

People are citing religion to Huma saying that they should be ashamed of doing so. While commenting on Huma’s video, one user wrote, “Shame something.” One user said, “Are you really Muslim?”

Another user writes, ‘All these people are drinking for money.’ At the same time a user said, ‘Bollywood or what shall we do, but after death, Allah will have to answer, now do not say that your Allah is different.’

How to make the drink shown in the video

Huma shares photo with liquor, Religion contractors said & Quot; Shame & Quot;

In the video that Huma shared with alcohol, she is making herself a drink. Huma is being trolled heavily because of this picture and video.

Commenting on Huma’s picture, a user has said, “Drinking alcohol is in the Quran.” Another user said, “What has to be promoted for money?”

One user wrote, ‘You are a Muslim, you should be ashamed that you are drinking alcohol, so the digging on Muslim comes more because of all the people.’

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