Bollywood veteran actor Dharmendra and his wife Bollywood As many people like Hema Malini’s pair of ‘Dream Girl’ on the big screen. It is equally liked in real life. One of the hit pairs of the industry, the couple liked it more in real life than the love they got on the film screen. This is the reason why this pair still rules in the hearts of fans.

You must have listened to the love story of Dharmendra and Hema Malini. Do you know that Hema Malini was leaving Dharmendra to marry actor Jeetendra? If you do not know, then let us tell you how Dharmendra broke the marriage of Jitendra and Hema Malini and married them.

Dharmendra reached Chennai to break Hema and Jeetendra’s marriage

Dharmendra Deol

Yes, Hema Malini’s family had agreed to get married to actor Jeetendra, both of them had made full preparations for the wedding, their families had moved from Mumbai to Chennai without telling anyone. When married, actor Dharmendra came to know that Hema Malini and Jeetendra wedding If he is in Chennai, he became enraged.

At that time, Jeetendra’s girlfriend had reached Chennai with Shobha Kapoor when Hema Malini’s father saw Dharmendra, then he would get angry saying leave our chase, we cannot marry our daughter’s married man Dharmendra with great difficulty Hema Dharmendra persuaded Malini to talk in private, then Hema Malini spoke and celebrated him with great difficulty, there Shobha Kapoor also started making a ruckus, then Jeetendra’s family said that the marriage will not take place at this time or will it ever happen, then Hema is angry In Malini, Jeetendra’s family refused to marry.

Dharmendra was already married

Before marrying Hema, Dharmendra was married to Prakash Kaur in 1957, with whom actor Dharmendra had four children Sunny Deol, Bobby deol, The winners were Deol and Ajita Deol. But after 22 years of marriage, Dharmendra got married to actress Hema Malini 13 years younger than him on 21 August 1979.

Hema Malini gave birth to two daughters, named Isha and Ahana Deol. Talking about today’s time, Dharmendra has an army of grandchildren, and he is happy with his family. Dharmendra stays connected with his fans on social media.

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