Film actor Sharat Saxena’s deceit, said despite getting fit even after leading….

People make millions of efforts to reach into the film industry. And after reaching there is a man, if there is a hero and if there is a woman, then there is a desire in the mind to become a heroin. The director of the film and his team even decide which role to play. The clip of an old interview of Sharat Saxena in these days is viral. In which some similar pain spilled from the chest of actor Sharat Saxena. After listening to this, it can be guessed that at some time Sharat Saxena, who came by making fit body on his behalf, had a desire to become a hero. But he found work as a co-worker.

Sharat Saxena has played many types of characters from films to serials

But every time he got the role of the side. The lead role was not found to play the role of Matlab Hero. Everyone knows that only one will get the main role of hero or heroin. Not everyone can get it. In an interview given in the year 2018, Sharat Saxena says that no director ever considered an actor due to being a fully fit body girl.

It is said that at that time such a body was not given the role of a lead actor. He used to get the role of fighter or junior artist. Sharat says that his father was an athlete at the University of Allahabad. At that time there was the urge to build a body like a father. And made a similar body. Sharat says that he came to Mumbai in search of work where he got work but not diamonds.

Sharat Saxena did a lot of struggle

He had to play his role as a fighter and a junior artist.
Sharat Saxena initially acted as a villain in dozens of films. After coming from Allahabad, there was a lot of struggle of Sharat Saxena on the opening day. According to the information, Sharat played the role of Keechaka in a big serial like Mahabharata. So he has made a special place among the audience by working in films like Vahi Saathiya, Baghban, Phir Haraferi.

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