Even after marriage, Sunny Deol kept cheating on his wife, but wife Pooja ..

Mumbai: It has been almost 40 years for Bollywood’s famous actor Sunny Deol. Meanwhile, Sunny Deol had a good treatment with her father Dharmendra, but was less than her stepmother Hema Malini. Sunny’s affair was discussed with many actresses. Even after that, wife Pooja Deol never left Sunny. Today we tell you how Sunny’s affair continues even after marriage.

Amrita Singh

Amrita Singh was a famous actress of the 90s. At that time, he was speaking in Bollywood. Many big actors were behind Amrita Singh. Meanwhile, if there is an affair, then Sunny and Amrita’s name always comes first. According to media reports, Sunny and Amrita worked together in the film Betab for the first time. Only after this, discussions started between the two about the affair. After living together for some time, the two separated. According to the information, Sunny hid her marriage with Amrita.

Even after marriage, Sunny Deol kept cheating on his wife, but wife Pooja ..

Dimple Kapadia

Sunny did not break after the breakup with Amrita Singh and her name was associated with Dimple Kapadia, who is called the famous actress. Let me tell you that Dimple is the mother-in-law of Akshay Kumar. According to experts, Dimple and Sunny were seen everywhere together. Sometimes he was seen in the bus stand and sometimes in the railway station. Even the news started circulating in the media that Dimple’s daughters had started calling Sunny their father. Later, the reason for their separation was not known.

Raveena Tandon

Sunny Deol had already been in relationship with two actresses, after which Sunny’s name was associated with Raveena Tandon. It is said that in the 90s, many films of Sunny Deol and Raveena were constantly getting hit. After which both came close to each other. However, when Dimple Kapadia came to know about their relationship, Dimple beat Raveena by going to the set. However, our news portal is not right in this report running in the media.

Wife pooja

Even after Sunny Deol’s ongoing affair, when his wife Pooja Deol came to know, he thought it right to reform Sunny despite breaking the relationship. If the media believed, once angry Pooja also said that Sunny will have to dimple and I have to choose one. After which Sunny gave importance to their marriage and till today both are together.

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