In the TV serial Crime Patrol, TV actor Anoop Soni has made a different identity. Many hosts came to this show but the viewers have liked only them. Every human has a personal life. In the same way, Anoop Soni also has a personal life besides a professional life which very few people will know. Anoop is also the son-in-law of Soni Raj Babbar. Soni betrayed his first wife and remarried.

Anoop Soni cheated on his first wife

Anoop told one thing from Soni’s first wife Ritu that after a long time of marriage, he started seeing changes. When Anoop saw the change and started behaving differently, Ritu found out the truth through chat. This was revealed by Ritu himself. When Anoop’s mobile details were taken out, he came to know that Anoop was talking to Juhi and confirmed this to Juhi. And they both confessed their love. After that Anoop was refusing to take responsibility for his two daughters.

Married to Raj Babbar’s daughter

Crime Patrolman Anoop Soni has betrayed his first wife and married Raj Babbar's daughter.

When Ritu gets to know all this, Ritu divorces Anoop and wishes him to be with Juhi. After the divorce, both of them got married in 2011. And today both of them have a son Eman.

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