Brother Sohail had said something about Salman, Aishwarya had caught fire…

Mumbai: It is common in Bollywood to build and break relationships, we keep telling you the same story. Some stars became relationships, some got shattered. Despite this, stories are still remembered till date. One such story is that of famous actor Salman Khan, who has always been in the news for controversies but little about films in Bollywood. Today we are going to tell you about Salman’s ex-girlfriend Aishwarya Roy and brother Sohail Khan.

Talking about love, the first name comes Aishwarya and Salman Khan’s relationship which was once in Parwan. Even though the two are separated today, their stories will be remembered for centuries. At one time, there was a discussion in all the corridors about the relationship of the two, after which even after the end of the relationship, their stories have been everywhere.

Their love started with the film Dil De Chuke Sanam about 19 years ago, after which their relationship lasted only 3 years. Aishwarya had accused Salman during an interview and said that Salman is mentally weak. Aishwarya said that it was common for her to drink alcohol, beat him, drink alcohol and drink behavior. Aishwarya has said that she was in love with Salman, but if I could talk to anyone, then Salman would reach out to kill her.

Aishwarya, sharing an old anecdote, said that Salman did not want me to go anywhere and he used to mentally torture her a lot. Aishwarya told that she was also slapped by Salman. Despite this, she wanted to carry on the relationship. Even after this, Salman was not deterred by his antics. The same Salman denied the charge of Aishwarya and said that Aishwarya has a habit of lying.

The same Aishwarya was constantly being accused of Salaman’s brother Sohail Khan retorting and saying that when my brother did not like you, why did I come to my house. Sohail also said that when she was traveling with Salman, she did not know that she was a useless person. Sohail further said that even after coming to my house you had no problem. Sohail said that Aishwarya had confused Salman, he could not understand what he was doing.

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